How to Grow Your Business with Custom Branded Enamel Pins

How to Grow Your Business with Custom Branded Enamel Pins

| Raeha Keller

Turning your customers into fans will make them spread the good word about your business. According to this study by Convince & Convert, 83% of Americans say that a word of mouth recommendation from a friend or family member makes them more likely to purchase a product or service.

Make sure your business is offering its customers the stylish merch they want so that they can advertise for you.

A branded enamel pin is a great way for them to promote your business by wearing their love for you on their sleeves - or lapels, as the case may be. 

Why Enamel Pins Are A Good Investment for Businesses 

There are a multitude of branded items you can slap your logo on, from ballpoint pens to t-shirts. You need to choose the items that make the most sense for your business. 

Here are some of the reasons I choose to offer pins. 

  • They're one size fits all - Anyone of any size or gender can buy your pins. This means you don't need to spend extra money loading up on sizes, or worse, offering too small a range of sizes.
  • They're easy to gift - Your customer may not know what size sweatshirt grandma wears, or if their kid will use the mousepad they gave them, but a cool pin is something everyone can appreciate. 
  • Low investment cost - Pins are small, which makes them easy to ship, store, and cheap to buy. This is great, because if you're not sure your customers will like the product, you can start with a small, low risk investment.  
  • Low cost for customers - Getting customers to purchase a higher cost item may be harder. Most enamel pins sell for between $9-12 in the US, making them a quick impulse buy. This is a win-win. They get an item they love for a fair price, and you get a sale that will also promote your business beyond this one interaction. 
  • They're collectible - Everyone has too many coffee mugs. But no pin collector has enough pins. If your business offers an experience, pins make a great souvenir that travelers can fit in their suitcase. 

 "Everyone has too many coffee mugs. But no pin collector has enough pins." - Click to Tweet

Enamel pins are getting more popular by the day.

Since 2015, Google searches on the phrase, "enamel pin" have skyrocketed. 

Google trends data on the search term, "enamel pins" has risen in popularity.

In the above graph, the numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular.

Are Pins Right for My Business?

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from enamel pins. It comes down to knowing your audience. Pins are worn in a number of professional communities. They're also popular with the younger crowd as a fashion item. 

Whether or not pins are right for your business depends on the style and presentation of the pin.

Example 1: A law firm looking to offer a gift to clients may benefit from a luxurious gold pin of their logo, presented on a lush business card that includes their contact info.

Example 2: A punky gift shop wants to offer a fashionable item. It needs a creative rendition of their logo, presented on a collectible art card. 

How to Get Enamel Pins Made for Your Business

To get pins made for your business, you'll need to work with a reputable manufacturer. An experienced pin company like Ectogasm can offer you the custom tailored design and packaging needed to offer a professional product to your customers. The last thing you want is a shoddy product with your logo on it. 

Once you know who's making your pins, here's what you need:

A Design for the Pin

This can be your logo. There are a number of finishes to choose from that can spice it up, like gold, silver, or rose gold plating. 

Alternatively, you can have custom art made that speaks to the values and aesthetics of your company. Ectogasm's professional designer can work with you from scratch to realize your vision. 

Mass Production

We handle this part, working with our trusted manufacturer to digitize your design, create a mold of it, and produce it in living color. 

Professional Packaging

This is one of those things people often overlook when they think about designing enamel pins. The quality of your packaging speaks to the quality the product being offered. It is the first impression you get to make on your customer - and the last, if you don't make the right one. 

The best packaging is eye catching. It makes your customer want to look closer. When they do, you are presented with the opportunity to make a further connection with them. On the back of my packaging, for example, not only do I include my business information and social media links, but a call to action that will allow me to connect with them. For my business, this is a request for them to tag me on instagram wearing their pin. It has been very effective. 

For the packaging Ectogasm offers, artwork is designed that is on brand and compliments the pin.

This design is printed on thick, lush coverstock.

The final product goes into a crisp plastic sleeve. Including the sleeve is optional. Some environmentally friendly companies may choose to exclude it. I recommend it for all others because it protects the pin, and also, customers expect it. We want a gift we can unwrap, clean and untouched in its plastic casing. As an added bonus, the plastic bags used also make display easy, since they have a hang hole.

How To Sell Enamel Pins to Your Customers

If you've worked with a reputable company to have your pins manufactured, then now you have a beautiful, sexy pin to start selling. Here are some ways to make sure it gets off the shelves and onto your customer's shirts. 

  • Up front, by the register - Pins are an impulse buy. They're small, so placing them by the register ensures they won't be missed.
  • On a pin wall or display - If you have multiple pin designs to offer customers, display them all together. Collectors love to have choices. This is even more effective if all your packaging is designed to coordinate. 
  • Online - I sell everywhere I can. Be sure to include your new pins on your website, and show them off on social media. 
  • On your employees - A branded pin can be a great addition to your employees' uniforms. They're also a great way to get customers interested in buying. I've had a business owner reorder pins right away because he'd given the pins to his employees to wear, but customers were buying them right off their uniforms! 

Get Started Making Pins for Your Business

I hope you consider Ectogasm to design your enamel pins. We offer more than just an item, but a finished product individually designed to promote your business and make you look good. You can get started by emailing us at

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