Our Story

Ectogasm owner and artist, Raeha Keller. The 29 year old CEO started her business in 2015.

How it Started

I founded Ectogasm in 2015 at a rebellious (and optimistic) 22 years old.

A lifelong artist who quickly became disenchanted with the drag of 9-5 work culture, I felt the unignorable need to leave my job and take my fate into my own hands.

As I trudged along the path carved out for me, I heard a voice whispering from the woods. It spoke of a world filled with enchantment and beauty. Like a siren's call, more than anything I had to follow. To ditch the path, leap into the woods, and find the magic I sensed. My faithful friend, art, would be my steed.

So I started selling handmade pins made out of shrink plastic.

My loved ones thought I was insane. Understandably.

But something about the dark, strange, and sometimes humorous little fetishes I crafted resonated with others.

I spent the early days of Ectogasm locked in my sweltering studio apartment, drawing until my hand hurt, and baking pins in an old oven. There is still a bump on my trigger finger from where the scissor bows rubbed as I spent hours cutting my designs out of sheets of plastic.

Like vines reclaiming an ancient castle, Ectogasm grew and spread. From humble beginnings it has become a brand beloved in its niche, carried by hundreds of stores worldwide, with an ever expanding collection of what I call "Functional Art".

Ectogasm's Mission

I found that voice in the woods. It wasn't an evil witch or a ferocious siren. It was the magic that whispers through life, in the spaces between molecules and in the silence between sounds.

Now I design art for those who hear the voice too. Those who are also disenchanted with the dull façade that some would have you believe is real life. Those who want to ride through the woods.

With every design I create, I hope to manifest some of that magic. Magic you can wear, hang on your walls, give as a gift, and hold.

Come along with me. Do you hear the voice?

Raeha Keller
Founder and Artist
With the support of customers like you, Ectogasm has been able to support the following organizations:
The International Federation of Red Cross
San Francisco Women Against Rape
The Trevor Project
Planned Parenthood
The Los Angeles LGBT Center
1% for the Planet