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Make money and grow your business with Ectogasm.

Are you looking for a way to monetize your blog, social media accounts, or email newsletter? 

Join the EctoArmy! 

Our affiliate program lets you use your influence to earn commission from the sales you generate. 

We want to give you the tools to make money from your business. Space in the EctoArmy is limited, so only applicants with an existing or growing audience will be considered. 


Who is EctoArmy for? 

EctoArmy is best suited for bloggers, website owners, and social media and instagram influencers. We are looking for affiliates with an existing or growing following.

What products can I earn commission from?

You can earn commission from every sale you generate that earns $6 or more. This is most products on, including all enamel pins, patches, and stickers. 

How much commission will I earn?

EctoArmy offers a generous 10% on the entire sale you earn, minus the cost of tax.

How does it work?

Affiliates earn sales by sending customers to You will get a unique affiliate code, which can be applied to the end of any link to When someone follows this special link that you created, they will be tracked with a cookie. If they purchase within 7 days of clicking this link, you'll get a commission. 

How is commission paid?

Commissions pay out once you reach a threshold of $35. They payout between 15-30 days after reaching threshold via Paypal or Venmo. Your choice. You can also choose to be paid with a gift card to 

What kind of perks do Affiliates get? 

Besides the tools to earn money from your links, you will also have access to special affiliate discounts and our helpful affiliate newsletter. I will also be in contact with you if you need help setting up your account, creating a coupon code for your audience, or coming up with ideas on how to succeed with EctoArmy. This is a hands on program, where you and Ectogasm will work together. 

Do I need to buy from Ectogasm to be a successful affiliate? 

Not at all! While it is good to have your own Ectogasm merchandise to photograph and review, affiliates are welcome to use our product photos and instagram photos. Adding our web banners is another great way to generate sales. 

How do I sign up? 

Follow this link and fill out the form. Be sure to tell us all the websites and social media you intend to use. Space in EctoArmy is limited, so we are looking for people who already have or are growing their audience. 

I have more questions! 

Please contact me, Raeha, at for all questions. I'll get back to you as fast as I can.