Outfit of the Day - Summer Goth

Outfit of the Day - Summer Goth

| Raeha Keller

Just because the days start warming up doesn't mean you have to retire your black clothes for balmy whites. Be darkly stylish all year round with inspiration from this summer fashion post! 

We lighten the mood by showing some skin. This outfit combines a cute crossbody crop top with flowy black shorts that are as comfortable as they are stylish. 

For added texture and a bit of mystery, throw on a lacy black cardigan, like the one shown here. While this shawl draws on vampiric patterns, it's airy enough for summer. And it'll keep you from burning, if you have light skin. 

There's nothing sexier than knee high boots, so we paired them with this outfit.

To accessorize, we thought our handmade ouija board planchet dangle earrings were perfectly spooky. If you're more of a stud earring kind of girl, we got you covered

Like the items you see? The image above is interactive! Hover your cursor over any piece and click to find it online. 

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