Personality Quiz - Which Ectogasm Enamel Pin Are You?

Personality Quiz - Which Ectogasm Enamel Pin Are You?

| Raeha Keller

Take this fun personality quiz I made to find out which Ectogasm enamel pin design you'd be! 

To do the quiz, take the results from your favorite color (or, if you don't have one, a color you're feeling today), the first letter of your first name, and your birth month, and put all the results together.

Comment what you get and share this post with your friends so they can take the quiz too! 

I got "An Undead Succubus saying "BoOoOobs", haha. Which is fitting for me. 

1. Favorite Color 

Red - Spooky
Orange - Flaming
Yellow - Starry
Green - Creepy cute
Blue - Silver
Purple - Undead
Black - Witchy
White - Haunted
Brown - Goth
Pink - Pinup

2. First Letter of First Name

A - Tentacle Creature
B - Ghost
C - Cat
D - Snake
E - Mushroom
F - Stack of Books
G - Disembodied hand
H - Pumpkin
I - Moth
J - Skeleton
K - Sasquatch
L - Raven
M - Witch
N - Demon
O - Human Skull
P - Edgar Allan Poe
Q - Vampire
R - Succubus
S - Fox Skull
T - Incubus
U - Eldritch Horror
V - Anatomical Heart
W - Devil Woman
X - Grim Reaper
Y - Knight
Z - Devil Cat

3. Birth Month

Jan - Drenched in Blood
Feb - Inside a teapot
March - Surrounded by ghosts
April - Saying "BoOoOobs"
May - Inside a cresent moon shape
June - But make it vintage
July - Holding a knife
August - Inside a Ouija Panchette
Sept - On a pale horse
Oct - If Gustave Dore drew it
Nov - Covered in occulty/illuminaty eyes
Dec - Surrounded by roses

Comment your results below! 

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  • Posted by Micah McConnell on

    Undead Witch if Gustavo Doré Drew It

  • Posted by Sean watterson on

    I got a witchy fox skull but make it Vintage. I like it.

  • Posted by Maru on

    Witchy Witch Surrounded by Ghosts!

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