The Best Enamel Pins for Halloween

The Best Enamel Pins for Halloween

| Ectogasm Staff

Are you ready for Halloween? Say it with our huge collection of Halloween enamel pins!


How to Incorporate Enamel Pins Into Your Style This Fall

We love pins this time of year because it's jacket weather! Use them to add some fall flaire to any outerwear. Our pins look great on pockets, collar points, the lapels of moto jackets, or all over in a collection. You can also use them to (pumpkin) spice up a hat, scarf, shacket, purse, and more!

The most fun part about enamel pins is that there are SO many kinds! Our Halloween guide is here to help you find the pins that say "YOU"!

Pumpkins & Jack-O-Lanterns

What's Halloween without a little bit of pumpkin spice?

These are our favorite pumpkin themed enamel pins, from our terribly spooky Stabbed Jack-O-Lantern to our adorable Vintage Pumpkin Bucket pin.

Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkin collar pin set for fall fashion and alternative style.
A funny enamel pin of a dancing pumpkin with the quote,
A cute jack-o-lantern enamel pin for spooky season fashion.


As you may have guessed from our namesake, ghosts are our specialty! We have a huge ghost collection. Here are our best sellers for Halloween.

A cool enamel pin of a ghost with the quote,
Ectogasm ghost collar pin set for alternative fashion and Halloween style. Features two small black and white ghost accessories.


"Spooky scary skeletons..." Is it stuck in your head yet? Here are some of our most popular skeleton designs. We love the Skeleton Heart Hand Pin Set, because it can be shared with your bestie or partner!

Ectogasm grim reaper cat enamel pin, featuring a skeleton cat holding a scythe in black, silver, and white.
A horror enamel pin of a skeleton dressed as a retro diner waitress, covered in blood. She has a cherry pie in one hand and a knife in the other.


You can be a witch all year, but there's something extra special about being a witch during Halloween! Our witchy and occult inspired pins are here to add a hint of magick to your look.


These vampire inspired enamel pins are the perfect accessory for bloodthirsty but stylish creatures of the night.

Ectogasm enamel pin in black and silver of a beautiful woman with huge bat wings. She wears a crown of flowers in her black hair.
Bat collar enamel pins for goth fashion and alternative style.

Fall Leaves

What's fall without crispy, crunch leaves on the ground? Add a hint of autumn style to any outfit with these gorgeous fall leaf pins.

A beautiful, gothic jewelry enamel pin set of silver and red fall leaves for witchy fashion.
An elegant collar pin jewelry brooch set of two orange and gold fall leaves for dark academia and cottage core fashion.

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