Fox Skull & Shrooms - A Digital Illustration

Fox Skull & Shrooms - A Digital Illustration

| Raeha Keller

I ordered holographic paper for making stickers and felt inspired to whip up new illustrations for it. The rainbow effect of the paper is great for psychedelic designs. I picked up my tablet pen, knowing mushrooms had to be involved. 

There's this image going around the web of an animal skull with myriad vegetation that had taken root in its hollow interior and grew out of its eyes. I thought that was so beautiful and neat. It's a bit of a morbid image, but I appreciated that in death, this animal is providing a home and life for other creatures. It's a comforting thought. 

I saw my first wild fox recently on a trip to Scotland, so that was the nature critter that came to mind. Here's my digital illustration of a fox skull blooming with lovely mushrooms, for your consumption. Created with the Procreate app

Stay tuned for updates! This will be a holographic sticker very soon. Currently available as a phone wallpaper. Say hi in the comments below; tell me what you think. 



Phone Wallpaper

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