Pin Collection Display Ideas

Pin Collection Display Ideas

| Raeha Keller

Is your pin collection living in a box? It’s time to bring it out into the open! A pin collection, properly displayed, functions as wall art and makes a great conversation piece.

See our favorite display ideas below and get some tips to make your own!

Heart-Shaped Cork Board

cute pin collection on heart cork board

I love @meteoraight's cute but tough pin collection! And not just because it features my pink pistol enamel pin <3 Get your own heart shaped cork board from Target.

Color Coordinate

pink pin collection on a cork board   enamel pin collection on cork boards

Go big or go home! If you love colorful flair, make sure you see @thepinksamurai on Instagram. Her designs are amazingly cute.  

Frame it

Enamel pins in a picture frame

Dress up a plain cork board by placing it in a colorful picture frame. Bonus points if your wallpaper is cute. 

Turn Fashion into Art

Colorful women's pin collection on denim jacket

Can't got wrong with the classic denim jacket. Put it on a decorative hanger and display with a nail from the wall. This also makes it easy when you want to wear your collection! 


Flair pin collection

This amazing pin display comes from industrial designer @aww.sam

Draw a Display

Cactus enamel pin collection

When all else fails, grab a sharpie and get creative! 

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