Cute, Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Women

| Raeha Keller

So tattoo fever has rolled in again and you're thinking of adding something small to that gap in your ink collection. Or, you're pretty much a blank canvas but want something subtle to express your awesome self. 

Whatever your needs, here's some inspo to help get the ideas rolling. 

Nature Spirit

Get a tribute to the original Mom - Mother nature. There are few things more beautiful and awesome than the outdoors. Whether you love the burning desert, salty seas, or towering trees, an Earth inspired tattoo is an excellent art piece. 

Tiny leaf tattoo on girl's collarbone.
tiny shell tattoo on woman
tree flash art for subtle tattoos

Home is Wherever You Are

Many people get tattoos as symbols of where they came from. Your origins shaped who you are, and that person is someone to be proud of. A state outline, geographic coordinates, or a personal reminder of home are great. 

Tiny palm tree tattoo on wrist
Texas state outline tattoo

Wait for Friday the 13th

Traditionally, many tattoo artists offer small, free tattoos on Friday the 13th. You will have to pick something from their book of flash. Sometimes, an unplanned tattoo is the best kind. 

Flash art of tattoo filler

Get a Tribute to a Loved one... Or Don't

What is life without others to experience it with? Small, symbolic tattoos of friendship can be a lovely gesture. Your sister's favorite flower, a heart for each of your closest friends. However, one would do well to avoid names. Some tattoo artists refuse to tattoo names. There is a superstition that when you ink someone's name on you, you will either end your friendship with them soon after, or they will die. I won't begrudge anyone a paw print for their cat, though. Pets are forever. 

matching tiny tattoos for sisters
name tattoo crossed out with a
Cute paw print tattoo on a girl's wrist


Maybe you really, really like Harry Potter. The stories we love can effect us deeply, so a fan tattoo might be perfect for you. We're not suggesting you get a lightning bolt scar tattooed on your forehead. Something more subtle might do. 

tiny lightning bolt tattoos for Harry Potter fans
Dr. Who Tardis tattoo on the back of  a girl's neck

Favorite Things

There's the average tea enthusiast, and then there's YOU, with an image of your favorite cup embedded in your skin. The things we interact with in daily life say a ton about us. It's no wonder "thing" tattoos are popular! 

small tea cup tattoo on hand
tiny guitar tattoo on a woman's wrist
tiny pizza tattoo on a girl's hip


Short, beloved quotes are always an excellent tattoo idea. Honor your favorite books, song lyrics, and poems. Or quote yourself! 

Steven King book quote tattoo
Shakespeare quote tattoo

The Universe is Math

There is something so mysterious about number tattoos. What do they mean? They could be coordinates, a page number from your favorite book, or an important date. 

coordinates tattoo on a girl's wrist

To Trend or Not to Trend?

Perhaps you've seen them all over Pinterest. Anchors, infinity signs, dream catchers. A trendy tattoo might seem like a good idea at the time, until it catches on and everyone has one. If you want to be unique, choose carefully. However, if that ancho tattoo really says YOU, go for it! It's your body. 

anchor tattoo on a girl
geometric fox tattoo

Other trends include style. Geometric designs are very popular right now. They're neat looking, but might look dated in the future. Do you, but if you're unsure, the traditional tattoo style will always be cool. 

Traditional tattoo flash for filler

Have a tiny tattoo? We'd love to see them! Share below in the comments! Or let us know what you think about this article.

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    I am doing Scrimshaw and would like to know about finding some very tiny patterns. Your tiny tattouoo idea sounds pretty good. If you have such patterns or ideas for them, please advise. Thank You Marc Chinnock

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