Fall is Coming ~ Denim Jacket Roundup

Fall is Coming ~ Denim Jacket Roundup

| Raeha Keller

Ectogasm's Denim Jacket Roundup

With fall fast approaching, it's time to break out your scarves, jackets, and boots! In honor of this magical time (my favorite because it contains Halloween, duh) here is some inspiration for denim jacket shopping.

Think of the jean jacket as your blank canvas with which to personalize with pins, patches, etc. 

The Classic

You can never go wrong with a medium wash classic trucker jacket from Levi's. It's cute, casual, and goes with just about everything. 

Denim jacket outfit with light wash

The Colorful

So maybe classic isn't your thing– you like to go bold. Try a jacket in a pink wash. It's sure to turn heads. 

Pink denim jacket with enamel pins on the collar Cute, pink jean jacket for women.

Vintage, Baby

When scouring the thrift shop, denim jackets are one of the things to be on the lookout for. They age well and are a great way to rock cuts and styles from a bygone time. You might find a classic cut, or something wildly unique. 

Vintage denim jackets

vintage denim jacket

Punk Girl

Like dressing for the dark side? A black denim jacket is just for you. Customize with studs and back patches

 black denim jacket with stud detail

full moon patch on a denim jacket

Fur Lined

If you live somewhere colder, try a fur lined jacket.

stylish fur lined denim jacket

Boyfriend Jacket

Nothing says grunge like an oversized boyfriend jacket. And, believe me, the functional pockets are worth it alone! They look cute over loose layers. Or, try it with a pair of black nylons for a juxtaposition between masculine and feminine styles. 

grunge denim jacket 90s oversized denim jacket


If jeans can be ripped, so can jackets! 

ripped denim jacket


I love jackets with a fringe. It's adorably retro and an easy way to make a classic piece more fun. 

 cute denim jacket with fringe on sleeves

Now you're all set to find the denim jacket(s) of your dreams! Like what you saw here? Follow us on Pinterest for more fashion finds and inspiration! 

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