Ectogasm Enamel Pin Holiday Gift Guide | 2019

Ectogasm Enamel Pin Holiday Gift Guide | 2019

| Raeha Keller


The Ultimate Enamel Pin Gift Guide

Christmas 2019

Our collection of enamel pins, patches, and artwork is large, and picking out gifts is already hard enough! So we put together this handy guide to help you shop for all the people in your life. Use the categories listed below to search! 

Why Pins Make Great Gifts

Ah, Christmas morning... gleeful anticipation, cups of hot coco, and the joy of giving. But Christmas the day after... lugging to the store in rain, or possibly snow, to exchange all the sweaters and shirts that didn't fit. 

Let's avoid that day after. With pins, you know they're going to fit. Anyone and everyone (old enough not to ingest pin clasps) can look great wearing your gift! They're fun, stylish, cool, and collectible works of art you can wear. 

With so many different kinds to choose from, there is a pin for everyone on your list!

But, if the pin you pick isn't quite what they wanted, Ectogasm offers free returns and exchanges. 

Tips on gifting pins

Pins are great if you want some cool stocking stuffers. Ours come on art cards designed to fit the pin's theme and bring an extra smile to the recipient's face. They can be wrapped traditionally, or like a piece of candy.

If you want a more luxurious feel, remove the pin from the packaging and place it in a jewelry box. Customize it with wrapping paper or a ribbon. 



Pins and more For...


Know someone who's always got their nose in a book? Here is our collection of pins for literature lovers! Each comes on packaging that looks like a vintage library check out card. 

Read More Pin & "A Good Book is Always Too Short" Pin

A perfect pairing for the reader in your life. "A Good Book is Always Too Short" is a quote inspired by Jane Austen. 

Edgar Allan Poe themed enamel pins.

"Poes Before Hoes" Pin & "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary" Brooch

These make great stocking stuffers for anyone who loves Edgar Allan Poe and horror fiction. 

An HP Lovecraft book enamel pin.

"The Call of Cthulhu" HP Lovecraft Enamel Pin

Another bookish pin inspired by a classic horror author. This HP Lovecraft accessory is sure to please. If you want to give them a set, we have even more tentacle pins and a sticker

"I Have Lived A 1,000 Lives" Gold Enamel Pin

Inspired by a George R.R. Martin quote, this gold book stack pin is ideal for librarians. 

Check out even more literary pins here. 

Significant Others

Share the love with these romantic enamel pin sets. 

Anatomical Heart Pin Set of 2

Literally share a piece of your heart with this gorgeous pin set. 

Heart in Hands Enamel Pin

This romantic pin symbolizes the giving of a heart.

A pin set of skeleton hands forming a heart.

Skeleton Heart Hands Pin Set

For the spooky couple. These two pins come as a set, so you can each have a piece of each other's heart. 

LGBT SO's and Friends

LGBT Heart Hands 2 Pin Set & LOVE Pin

These rainbow pins make great gifts for LGBT couples. The heart hands can be shared, so your significant other can carry a piece of your heart! 

"Wish You Were Queer" Postcard enamel pin

An unfortunately relatable pin! 

Badass Women

"Feminist" flower and roses banner pin.

"Feminist" Flower and Roses Banner Pin

This pin is stylish choice for women who aren't afraid to speak up for what they believe in. 

"Little But Fierce" Enamel Pin - Pink or White

One of our most popular pins, these banners are cute for fierce women and girls!

"The Future is Female" feminist enamel pin for women.

"The Future is Female" Enamel Pin

A gift for women who're going places. 

A cool enamel pin for hard of hearing feminists.

"NO" American Sign Language Enamel Pin

A badass pin for heard of hearing feminists. 

Spooky Friends

Being called "Ectogasm", we naturally have a huge selection of spooky enamel pins, patches, and stickers to choose from. Here are our most popular ones. 

"Spooky All Year" enamel pin of a ghost.

"Spooky All Year" Ghost Enamel Pin

If you have a friend who Halloween never ends for, this is the pin for them! 

Black and silver cobweb collar pins.

Black and Silver Cobweb Collar Pins - Set of 2

This set is perfect if you're looking to gift your spooky friend something unique. The pins, which come as a set, are designed to fit perfectly on collar points. 

A black and white enamel pin with the quote, "You're Never Alone if You Have Demons".

"You're Never Alone if You Have Demons" Ghost Pin

If your spooky friend has a sense of humor, they'll surely love the message carried by these ghosts! 

Movie Fanatics

A funny enamel pin of a bag of popcorn with the quote, "Enjoy the Shitshow"

"Enjoy the Shitshow" Popcorn Pin

An especially appropriate pin during hectic holidays. 

"Clever Girl" Jurassic Raptor Enamel Pin

"Clever Girl" Dinosaur Enamel Pin

For your friend to wear to their next movie marathon. 


An enamel pin of a bundle of sage for smudging with a funny quote.

"Let the Motherfucker Burn" Sage Smudging Enamel Pin

The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! Inspired by a traditional tool for space cleansing, this pin features a bundle of sage with a funny quote! If she's a witch/ she'll get it.

A divination themed enamel pin of a crystal ball, tarot cards, and tea leaves.

"Spoilers" Crystal Ball Enamel Pin

Perfect for your fortune telling friend. This pin features three forms of divination; the crystal ball, tarot cards, and tea leaves. 

"Carpe Noctem" witch hat enamel pin.

"Carpe Noctem" Witch Hat Enamel Pin

"Carpe Noctem" means "Seize the Night" in Latin! 

Coffee and Tea Lovers

Coffee and tea themed enamel pins.

Tentacles in a Teacup, & Black Gold, & Caffiene Fiend, & It's Teatime, Bitches

Cat Parents

"Needs More Cats" Black and Gold pin

"Needs More Cats" Pin

Ideal for the crazy cat lady or gentleman. 

Gangster Cat Pin or Patch

This rad combo looks great on a denim jacket. Perfect for unisex style. 

Drinking Buddies

A cool lapel pin of a cocktail in a glass shaped like a skull.

Skull Cocktail Enamel Pin

Deadly, but oh so delicious. 

"Love Everyone Potion" pin.

"Love Everyone Potion" Enamel Pin

For that person on your list who falls in the "drinking buddies" and "witches" category. 

A black and gold enamel pin of a beer growler.

Beer Growler Pin

This pin is a favorite with beer fanatics! Has a unisex design. 


Passport Enamel Pin

It can be hard buying gifts for people who move around a lot. Thankfully this pin is small enough to go with them on all their adventures! 


"Creative Soul" enamel pin

For artists, musicians, painters, makers, dancers, actors, and creatives of all sorts. 

People Who Are Secretly Aliens

We have plenty more space themed accessories! Check them out here. See the best sellers below.

"Greetings, Earth-Loser" Pin

A funny pin for aliens from planet mean girl. 

Spaceship in a bottle enamel pin.

Spaceship in a Bottle Pin

To show them they're out of this world. 

A cool enamel pin of the moon that glows in the dark.

Glow-In-The-Dark Moon Enamel Pin

This unique gift is great for those who prefer the dark. 

The Nostalgic

"Nostalgia" enamel pin.

Nostalgia Enamel Pin

This cool pin has 70's inspired colors. There's also a pink 80's themed one as well, for those vapor wave vibes. 

"Fanny-Fucking-Tastic" funny enamel pin.

Fanny-Fucking-Tastic Enamel Pin

For your friend who fancy's the 90s. 

A funny enamel pin of a penny farthing.

"Ride or Die" Penny Farthing Enamel Pin

The only way to live. 


"You're Fucked" fortune cookie enamel pin, by Ectogasm.

"You're Fucked" Fortune Cookie Enamel Pin

One of our best-sellers, this pin is sure to give the recipient a laugh! 

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