Enamel Pin Backs - Which Kind is Best?

Enamel Pin Backs - Which Kind is Best?

| Raeha Keller

There are three main pin back types to choose from, each great for different purposes. Choose the right ones to display your pin collection best!

1. Butterfly Clasps

This is your standard clasp. Also known as a military clutch or tie tack clasp, these metal backs click onto the pin spike. They can be released by squeezing together the two metal flaps on the back, which resemble butterfly wings. Cost effective and sturdier than rubber backs, these are the backings that come with all our pins.

PROS: Sturdy, cost effective.

CONS: Can be irritating against skin.

2. Rubber Backs

Rubber backs come in a variety of colors and even cute shapes, like hearts and stars! Although they don't have as much holding power as a butterfly clasp, they are soft. If you plan on wearing your pins on a tight fitting cap or t-shirt against your skin, it is worth it to invest in some of these comfortable rubber backs. Add some to your collection.

PROS: Comfortable for wearing against skin.

CONS: Not as sturdy as metal backs. Can wear out and become loose over time.

3. Locking Pin Backs

Locking backs have a mechanism inside that locks onto the pin spike, making them the most durable of pin backs. They can be released by lifting the spring loaded tab at the top of the clasp. These are great if you wear your pins on a backpack or a jacket that sees lots of action. Get some here, or read more about them.

PROS: Most secure pin back.

CONS: Costs more.

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    Lo and behold somebody made an article about this obscure curiosity I had, thanks for the tip! I love my pins and having them just suddenly disappear after a commute breaks my heart.

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