For the Romantic - Heart Shaped Enamel Pins

For the Romantic - Heart Shaped Enamel Pins

| Raeha Keller

The heart shape is the universal symbol of love, used first in medieval drawings and now even in ❤️Emojis ❤️. Once thought to be the origin of all emotion, it's no wonder we consider the heart to be the symbol of friendship, adoration, and romance. 

Here is Ectogasm's collection of heart themed enamel pins. There's a pin for every couple! 

Anatomical Heart Enamel Pin Set for 2

An enamel pin couple's set of an anatomical human heart in black and gray, like a victorian medical sketch.

What's better than a gift you can share? This unique pin set lets you give a loved one a piece of your heart in pin form. 

You're Never Alone if You Have Demons Enamel Pin

A woman holding an enamel pin of a black heart held by two ghosts. It has the funny quote, "You're Never Alone If You Have Demons".

Not all heart pins are lovely-dovey. This ghost brooch serves as a spooky reminder that you're never really alone. 

Skeleton Heart Hat Pin Set

Skeleton hands forming a heart shape pins on the lapel of a denim vest for punk style.

Another unique heart set to share with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or keep for yourself. These small, subtle skeleton hands look cool on the lapels of a denim jacket. 

LGBT Rainbow Heart Lapel Pin Set

Romantic lapel pins for LGBT couples. Features two hands forming to make a heart in rainbow colors.

Love comes in all forms. This rainbow hand pin set is ideal for LGBTQ partners and friends. 

I ❤️Horror Movies Silver Enamel Pin

A cool enamel pin of a black and silver heart being stabbed with a bloody kitchen knife. The heart has the phrase, "Horror Movies".

Sometimes the someone you love is a something. In this case, that something is stabby, scary, gory horror movies! 

Witchy Heart in Hands Pin

A beautiful, witchy enamel pin of a pair of tattooed hands holding a red human heart.

A beautiful pin that symbolizes giving your heart away. This spooky accessory is great for witchy style. 

Hopefully this list helps you find something special for your loved one, even if that loved one is YOU! Self love matters too, after all! Have a favorite pin? Let us know in the comments below ❤️

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