The Film Geek Enamel Pin Gift Guide 2019 | Free Shipping on US Orders

The Film Geek Enamel Pin Gift Guide 2019 | Free Shipping on US Orders

| Raeha Keller

What better way to show your appreciation for your film geek friend than with a movie themed enamel pin they'll love? Part fashion accessory, part collector's item, pins tailored to your friend's interest make a thoughtful gift. 

Wear them to the theater for opening night. Or, display them in your home for your next Netflix streaming party. Here are our favorite film themed enamel pins. 

1. "Clever Girl" Raptor Pin

"Clever Girl" raptor enamel pin for 90s movie buffs.

A must in the collection of any Jurassic Park fan. This sturdy enamel pin has double backs, so it won't fall off even when you're trying to outrun a T Rex. 

2. "Horror Movies" Heart Pin

"Horror Movies" knife through heart enamel pin.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves scary movies. This silver plated pin is extra spooky with its stabbed, bleeding heart. 

3. Titanic Shipwreck Pin Set

My heart will go on! This two piece pin is an amazing gift to share with your significant other.

4. "Enjoy the Shitshow" Popcorn Pin

Funny "Enjoy the Shitshow" Movie Theater Popcorn Pin.

A favorite among filmmakers. This hilarious pin is the perfect gift for film crews after wrapping up set, especially if it was a particularly grueling shoot!

5. "Admit None" Theater Ticket Pins

Matching movie theater themed enamel pins for friends.

In three lovely colors, these admission ticket pins make cool matching gifts for friends. 

6. "The World is Ending, Now in 3D!" Glasses Pin

"The World is Ending... Now in 3D!" Movie enamel pin.

For movie lovers with a sarcastic sense of humor. 

7. "I See Dead Pixels" Pin

"I See Dead Pixels" M. Night Shyamalan inspired enamel pin. 

This funny pin is a play on the Sixth Sense quote, "I See Dead People". It's a great gift for film buffs who work with computers, digital cameras, and tech. 

8. "Oh Snap"

"Oh Snap" photography themed enamel pin.

For the photographer. This cute pin features vintage style photographs with the quote, "Oh Snap". Wear it on your camera strap! 

9. "Live in the Moment" Camera Pin

An enamel pin of a camera worn on a camera strap.

Another cool gift for photographers. With all the pictures we take, movies we stream, and content we consume, it's important to remember to also live in the moment! 

The best thing about this guide is that all the items listed get free standard shipping and returns on US orders! Get your pins in time for birthdays and holidays. Not 100% happy with your purchase? We make it easy and free to return your gift. 

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