Things I Drew - Week of March 15, 2021

Things I Drew - Week of March 15, 2021

| Raeha Keller

March 22 2021 - Ectogasm

This week I decided to try to make one drawing as many days as I could purely for the sake of making art. When you spend most of your time designing product, it's easy to get wrapped up in search for what will "sell" and forget what art is really about. Here is a collection of drawings I made the week of March 15.

A spooky digital illustration of ghosts with human skull faces by Ectogasm

I was feeling a little unsure what to draw - maybe I'm a little rusty at just making drawings instead of pins - so I went with two of my old faithfuls. Ghosts and skulls. 


Open the doors of perception. An animated gif about reality by artist Ectogasm.

It's been a while since I've done any animating, so I decided to take a crack at it. Procreate recently added animating capabilities to their app, and I really wanted to explore them! It worked pretty well! I like the onion skin abilities it offers (you can see the previous layers under the one you're working on). However, I ran into trouble with the amount of layers I was able to have in one drawing, and had to start flattening images to make more space. I kind of ran out of room at the end of this and had to make the door slam quickly to end it! 

This animation was inspired by the idea of the doors of perception; that locked in our minds are pathways to experiencing a new or altered reality. I really like this idea on both a spiritual and practical level. What you experience in life is largely based on your perceptions of it in your mind. 

witchy art of a ghost cicada and a human bone.

My friend, who went to school for osteology (study of bones), always has a grisly story to share. This week she told me about her favorite bone, the sphenoid, which is located at the base of the skull. She said that while in school, she was required to identify specific bones, their ages, and genders from tiny fragments. One trick she learned was to always look for the sphenoid in skull fragments because the way a skull breaks, there is usually some sphenoid attached. 

Inspired, I drew this strange, often overlooked bone. To me, it looked like the wings of an insect opening, so to draw the comparison I literally drew the bone with one half transforming into a ghost cicada. 

A pink and black illustration of witchy hands holding a planchette that says, "Talk Soon". Drawn by Ectogasm.

I drew a lot of grey and gloomy things this week and thought it'd be fun to make something with a pop of color. The subject matter is still a bit gloomy though... guess I can't help myself. 

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